Friday, 28 October 2011

IVF - Eggs Retrieval Day

Hello ladies...and gents maybe? :)

We got 15 eggs today. More than expected but it is about quality, not quantity. So I am still pretty nervous to find out about them tomorrow on how many turn out to be embryos and on Monday, on the quality og my eggs. So nervous but I am glad we went through today ok.

We arrived at the clinic at 720am and by 745am, the Anaesthetist came to see me and poke that plastic tube in my left hand. Nurse H and S came to wish me luck at 8am. How nice of them. And then Dr Prashant came in at 810am to say hello. By 820am, I was pushed into the OT. There were about 10 people in the OT and the next thing I know, I was back in the ward, the gorgeous 5 stars ward.

A point to note, hubby went home and produced his sperm while I was in the OT. Thank God we live nearby ;)

I looked at the clock and it was 845am. Pretty quick. I was very sleepy. I could hear hubby's voice but decided to sleep anyway. No pain at all. By 10am, I was wide awake. Had my breakfast and changed into my clothes. By 1045am, we were back at Dr Prashant's clinic. Nurse H gave us the medications for the next few days. I need to continue Zinnat but I was given the below as well in addition:

1) Dastinex 1 tablet each night for 3 nights
2) start Utrogestan tablets tonight. It is inserted into the vagina 2 tablets 3 times a day for the next 15 days.
3) start the Duphaston tablets tomorrow.

Sounds heavy I know. But I am glad to report that so far, I only have light spotting and minor lower abdominal pain. I was pretty scared of the pain as I have read the bad experiences some people had to go through. I hope my light pain will go away slowly because I have made plans for the weekend with hubby :)

On the sedation - my hand still hurt from the plastic thingy. The one done at Pantai when i did my Hysteroscopy was better. And on top of that, while I was asleep, they gave me a jab of pain killer on my left arm and another jab near my vagina to reduce the pain. But I didn't feel the jobs at all as I was in drwamland then ;) So don't worry!

On Monday is the Eggs transfer day. We have a major decision to make this weekend. How many eggs should we transfer? See, my mom and MIL seem to be suggesting that 1 is enough. Hubby wants 3 but I already put my foot down that no to 3 as I can only handle a maximum of 2 babies at one time. Also, I read about the risks associated with multiple pregnancies, on both the mother and the babies. Pretty scary stuffs. But per Dr P, the chance with 1 egg transfer is 40% but with 2 is 67%. However, young couple normally prefer 1 egg rather than 2. So where does that leave me? Pretty confused. For now, I just hope and pray that my eggs and my hubby's sperm survived the thawing procedure. But come Monday, we need to decide on the number to be transferred. This is hoping my eggs are of good quality...let's hope we have good number of eggs to be transferred and frozen for future use. InsyaAllah..

Please let me know what do you think on the number of eggs. Financially, we can handle 2 or 3 babies. Emotionally, the joy of having a baby of my own is already a blessing. But the health issues and miscarriage just scare me....I do not want to be greedy and put my babies at risk. I wanted the best for my child, if I have one or more, one day. All mothers want that for their children right? :)

Talk to me on your opinion please, if you are reading this....thank you.



  1. hi i think you should transfer 2 or 3, more you transfer you have greater chances of getting pregnant. I would have gone for 3. because once the left over embryos are frozen, survival depends on quality. Not all survive thawing process. so later u may have to regret for freezing them instead of transferring them. 2 is a good number too. ur call now....

    Congrat's for getting 15 eggs. were u eating eggs everyday? jus curious to know?

    i had no idea about the jabs in vagina and arm during anesthesia. how did u know about it?

    Gd luk for ur transfer on monday. keep us posted.

    Gd luk n tc

  2. Hi there! do u think 15 is a good number? I dont know what is considered a good number but i hope so. And no, no eggs everyday. I only have 1/2 eggs a week. Are eggs good for us? :)

    The Anaes told me when i asked how is she going to make sure that the sedation works? I prefer GA as i do not want to remember the pain during the procedure. That was when she told me about it. true enough after the ER, i say the mark for the jab on my left arm :D

    Thank you for the opinion. You made a very strong argument :)

  3. hi there, of course 15 is a very good no, I never get them both cycles i got only 7 and less than 50% fertilization out of them :((

    So have u decided on the number to transfer? Gd luk for tomorrow.

    About eggs, I asked b'coz first clinic asked me to take eggs everyday, but Dr P did not insist on them. but he said taking one a day is good, because i don't take any other meat or fish. I hated eating lot of eggs. my friend keeps saying, my bad results is since i'm not taking enough eggs. so that's y i checked with u...lah

    and don't worry about white pieces in urine, it does not mean you aren't absorbing progesterone. u need not worry about what come's out.

    Gd luk for you tomorrow and tc

  4. I'm back from the clinic, will update soon :)